2015 Team Bios

Wauja ceremonial dancers, 1981-83

Wauja ceremonial dancers

Emilienne Ireland is an anthropologist based in Washington, D.C., and has worked with the Wauja since 1981. She has lived in their community for several years, and speaks their language. More recently, she is in frequent contact with the younger Wauja via Skype, email and social media. Emi collaborated on the BBC’s The Storyteller, which was shown at the 1991 Native American Film Festival, and broadcast on television in Europe and the U.S., and shot a second documentary with the BBC in 2012, “Brazil With Michael Palin.

She is working on Return of the Captured Spirits with Jeffrey Ehrenreich, visual anthropologist and photographer, and Phil Tajitsu Nash, a former Smithsonian Curator who teaches at the University of Maryland.