First Photos From Piyulaga

The Wauja community has been very supportive of the Return of the Captured Spirits project, as you can see from the first picture below. The second shot shows the bank of part of the Culuene River on the trip from the small border community of Canarana to the main Wauja village at Piyulaga. The final shot shows children playing in the main plaza at Piyulaga, with the large Wauja houses in the background.

Wauja children watching the arrival of visitors
Arriving in the Wauja Village
Three young Wauja children watch excitedly as the Return of the Captured Spirits team arrives in the main Wauja village of Piyulaga in January 2012 with their laptops, projector, video equipment, and other gear to show the historical movies and shoot the new RCS video. [Photo credit: Mori Rothman]
Banks of the Culuene River
Traveling By Boat to the Wauja Village
Visiting the main Wauja village at Piyulaga started with an airplane ride from Rio de Janeiro to Cuiaba, in the center of Brasil. From there, an all-day bus ride to the border town of Canarana was followed by a three-hour truck ride on back roads to the Culuene River. Eight hours by motor boat bring visitors to a landing where gear can be transferred to a truck that takes about 45 minutes to get to the entrance to Piyulaga. Before trucks and motorboats, the trip was done by canoe and walking, and took a lot longer. [Photo credit: Mori Rothman]
Wauja children playing in the center of Piyulaga
Children Playing in Piyulaga
Wauja children, like children everywhere, enjoy riding their bikes, hanging out with friends, and watching the goings-on in the village. When the Return of the Captured Spirits team arrived, several children tagged along on every outing, whether to the schoolhouse, the bathing area, or the Chief’s house. [Photo credit: Mori Rothman]